About me

Vasundhra Rajagopal

Management professional. Carnatic musician. Mother. Grandmother. Foodie and avid cook. These are just some of the hats I’ve donned over the years. Enjoying twin passions of music and cooking (the former being food for the soul and the latter for the body), I am at my happiest while doing either.

Coming from a lineage of simply amazing cooks, tasty food is taken for granted in my family. Over the years, I have accumulated hundreds of recipes, in both Indian and international cuisine. Most of the Indian recipes have been handed down to me by my mother and grandmother. I picked up other recipes during my two decade stay in Canada. Even now I continue to try new recipes, courtesy my three sisters, my three daughters, my friends and the internet.

With the passing of my mother late last year, my sisters and I came across her old recipe book, which had some really interesting and unique recipes. It was when I began trying out these dishes that my daughters suggested that I catalog these recipes. Hence the idea of this page was born.

This page is a collection of my family’s favourite recipes, both Indian and otherwise. Many of the recipes have been tweaked to suit the Indian palette as well as keeping in mind local availability of ingredients.

With growing awareness about the benefits of natural cosmetics, I have also taken a leaf from my grandmother’s book and begun making my own products such as face oil, body wash powder, lip balm, hand lotion and the like, as well as herbal remedies. Such things were the norm in her time and in a sense, by beginning to use them again, things have come full circle for me personally.
Please join me in this culinary journey!
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Turmeric, or haridra (a favourite of Hari or Vishnu) has been referred to in the Vedas (about 4000 years back), for its medicinal properties.  In India, we have used turmeric liberally in our food and beauty products for many thousands of years. The beautiful rich yellow colour, subtle fragrance and medical benefits are some of the reasons turmeric is my favourite spice. I tend to use turmeric in my cooking, any opportunity I get.